Daily Food Journal | Week 1 | OMAD Is Not Enough

Daily Food Journal | Week 1 | OMAD Is Not Enough

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OMAD (One Meal a Day) was the next stop once I decided on my keto goals. As outlined in my keto journey, after a few attempts at low carb, Atkins and keto, I had eaten my way back into prediabetes.

My physical was scheduled for November 19.  Wondering if I might have an autoimmune condition, I had just ended 30 days on the AIP diet (autoimmune protocol). I added the OMAD component, but I gained weight during the diet anyway (it’s not low carb), and I knew that something had to give.

I figured I’d go out with a bang until I started low carb – again – and to continue with OMAD.

I went an engagement party on November 15 and I ate everything on the menu:  chicken, macaroni & cheese, green beans, potatoes and salad. I skipped the alcohol, though, and just had water.

The very next day, I joined a friend for dinner to close out Restaurant Week.  I enjoyed an incredible (OMAD) meal of penne pasta, crab stuffed salmon, risotto, carrot cake, ice cream and a glass of red wine.

At my appointment, my doctor was a little ahead of schedule(!), so she brought me back to her office herself in order to give her assistants a break. She forgot to weigh me.  I did not remind her. The next day, I got the results of my A1C and it was back up to 6.0.

I went low carb again immediately, still sticking to OMAD and eating whatever I wanted during that one meal, thinking that it would work for me. I had read all of the stories of people who lost weight quickly on OMAD, enjoying an absolute feast during their eating window. I really thought that would be me.

It didn’t work and I was back to ground zero.

Which for me started with re-reading and re-watching Jason Fung’s books and videos.

I re-learned that with stubborn insulin resistance it can be decidedly more difficult to lose weight. I was going to have to go drastic. I created a program for myself that includes longer and more frequent periods of intermittent fasting.  And, when eating, my meals need to be very low carb to keto.

I tried a baked kielbasa and cabbage with Swiss cheese recipe from Carolyn Ketchum’s cookbook, The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen. It turned out to be pretty tasty and I’m sure I’ll make it again.

The egg roll in a bowl I made on the 25th is considered keto with 15.9 gm of carbohydrates. I later realized that’s a little too high for me unless it’s the only thing I eat that day. It’s definitely delicious, though and can still work for some people.

On Thanksgiving, I ate a ton of turkey, green beans and salad. I had allowed myself, in advance, to have 1 ½ T. of mac & cheese and a sliver of sweet potato pie and I stuck to it. I took my butter cookies with me, but did not eat them.

The day after Thanksgiving, I met friends from out of town at a local hotel for drinks. I ate before I went, but I don’t remember what I had. We wound up hanging out at the lobby bar. I had brought along pepperoni chips, cheddar cheese, butter cookies and wine because I wanted to have something to nibble on in order to avoid the in-room snacks. But since we stayed at the bar, I wound up not eating anything and taking it all back home with me!

I am in it for the long haul and this is the first post where I record my meals and anything else that I feel adds to my story. The first weeks are missing details; I was still in denial and hadn’t quite grasped the value of thorough tracking.

My plan consists of staying off the scale for as long as possible. I “hid” it in the back of the linen closet.

November 2019: Daily Food Journal​

Date What I Ate Photo
11/18 All manner of junk, way too many nuts and a lot of wine
11/19 Kielbasa and cabbage with Swiss cheese, salad, coconut yogurt, coconut cake
11/22 Bunless cheeseburger, fried turnips, salad and wine Bunless Cheeseburger | Keto Bestest
11/23 Roasted radishes, mushroom soup and crispy chicken thighs Roasted Radishes | Keto Bestest
11/24 Easy taco pie, pico de gallo, sour cream and avocado

(The Easy Taco Pie is another great recipe from Carolyn Ketchum. As you’ll discover, I make it a lot.)

Easy Taco Pie | Keto Bestest
11/25 Easy egg roll in bowl, salad, easy taco pie, butter cookies
11/26 Roasted chicken thighs, fried turnips, steamed spinach, butter cookie, nuts Chicken Thighs | Keto Bestest
11/27 Easy taco pie, avocado, pico de gallo, sour cream, mushroom soup, nuts, butter cookies Easy Taco Pie | Keto Bestest
11/28 Thanksgiving dinner
11/29 Lite lunch, probably Thanksgiving leftovers, but I did not record
11/29 Did not record


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