Daily Food Journal | Week 10 | First Progress Pictures

Daily Food Journal | Week 10 | First Progress Pictures

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For the first time, I’m posting pictures of my progress.

On Monday, January 27, my father turned 90 years old.  He wanted to go to Applebee’s, so we went the day before (Sunday). I seem to always forget to take pictures of my restaurant meals – and this outing was no exception.  I had a bunless bacon cheeseburger with a salad and ranch dressing, and coffee.  The restaurant only had a non-dairy creamer and so I passed on that and had black coffee instead.When I’m not fasting, I drink coffee with cream, half & half or Splenda.

We went back to my father’s apartment for cake and ice cream, which I skipped. It wasn’t too difficult since the burger was really satisfying. Plus, since stepping up my IF (intermittent fasting) game, it’s getting easier to recognize true hunger and to go longer periods between meals. I also knew that I was having low-carb pizza for dinner later.  And I’m definitely not craving sugar.

This week, I’m getting used to the ADF (alternate day fasting) schedule.

On Tuesday, I had a meeting scheduled and had to leave home at 4:30 pm, knowing that I wouldn’t be back until around 10:00 pm.  I took along a chocolate latte for the drive, but it didn’t taste quite right(?), so I only had a couple of sips.

During the meeting break, they served bagels and a whole lot of other carb-heavy foods that I couldn’t eat.  When the meeting was over, I sat in my (cold) car for a quick few minutes and wolfed down some keto beef stroganoff that I had brought along in a thermos before driving home.  Even though it was late when I got home, I ate a lite pepperoni snack.

On Thursday, I enjoyed a huge dinner. I figured it was time to trick the body a bit with a nice calorie boost!

Okay, since Friday was the last day of the month, I took another picture. So I’m sharing pictures from November 2019 through the end of January, 2020:

There is almost no discernible difference between November (19th) and the end of December. But things are starting to look up by the end of January – don’t you think? I’m hanging in there.

January 26 – February 1, 2020: Daily Food Journal

Date What I Ate Photo
1/26 Applebee’s – bacon cheeseburger (no bun, no condiments), lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, salad w/ ranch dressing, coffee w/ Splenda (no cream)

Deep dish pizza – pepperoni and mushrooms; salad, sauerkraut, wine, walnuts

Deep Dish Pizza | Keto Bestest
1/28 Pizza, salad, pecans, couple sips of chocolate latte


Pepperoni, cheddar cheese, mayo

Beef Stroganoff | Keto Bestest
1/30 Pepperoni, cheese, mayo, walnuts

Naked fried chicken (wings, thigh), collared greens, cauliflower and cheese casserole, pecans, wine, hot sauce, sauerkraut with inulin

Naked Fried Chicken Dinner | Keto Bestest
2/1 Pepperoni, cheese, walnuts, mayo

Black coffee

No-Pasta lasagna, salad, wine, walnuts, almonds

No Pasta Lasagna | Keto Bestest


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