Daily Food Journal | Week 12 | Potassium and Foot Cramps

Daily Food Journal | Week 12 | Potassium and Foot Cramps

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Potassium is very important when on a keto diet. It can help with the type of horrible foot cramps I experienced Sunday night that woke me at 4:30 a.m. and again a couple of hours later.

I fasted the day before (Saturday) with coffee, water w/ apple cider vinegar and hot tea (dandelion) later in day. I had been retaining water in my legs for a few days and I urinated quite a bit on Sunday evening. I originally thought it was from all of the liquids I drank, but I realized that I was releasing the retained water.

It had slipped my mind that I was also urinating out electrolytes and potassium and that’s why I was cramping.

I’ve been faithfully applying a magnesium spray to the soles of my feet morning and night. But, at this point, it’s not enough on fasting days. I need to consume quite a bit of Morton’s Lite Salt, which has potassium and a small amount of magnesium. Monday night, I just licked it straight from the palm of my hand, which stopped the severe foot cramps I had that night within 20 minutes or so.

Check out this articles which explains the importance of potassium and features a list of potassium rich foods that you can have on keto.

On a few days this week, my stomach was a little sensitive. I’ve been neglecting my gut health, so I started drinking about 4 oz. of milk kefir on my non-fasting days. I also have a routine colonoscopy scheduled for March 13.

I’m not exactly sure what all happened on the 12th, but I definitely had 2 chocolate martinis!

We celebrated my nephew’s birthday at an upscale burger joint on the 15th. We went back to my sister’s afterwards and I ate some cashews for dessert, instead of cookie cake we ordered. I didn’t eat anything else that day.


February 9-15, 2020: Daily Food Journal​

Date What I Ate Photo
2/9 Kefir with inulin, walnuts, coffee with Splenda and cream

Naked fried chicken thighs, celery & blue cheese dip, salad, wine, coconut cake, chamomile tea

Naked Fried Chicken | Keto Bestest
2/11 Chocolate latte, kefir, BLT, salad, walnuts

Pork loin, buttered cabbage, celery and bleu cheese dip, pepperoni, cheddar cheese, almonds, mayo

Chocolate Latte | Keto Bestest
2/12 Walnuts

BLT, stuffed olives, coffee

Ribeye w/ Gorgonzola butter, loaded salad, cheddar cheese, 2 chocolate martinis

BLT | Keto Bestest
2/13 Walnuts, coffee, pepperoni

Pork loin, cabbage, bleu cheese dip, cheddar cheese

2/14 Fasting FASTING
2/15 Cheeseburger w/o bun, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, Caesar salad w/o croutons, wine, pickles, pickled red onion and green tomatoes



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