Daily Food Journal | Week 14 | Breaking a Diet Plateau

Daily Food Journal | Week 14 | Breaking a Diet Plateau

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I hit a diet plateau and I decided to switch things up a bit in the hopes of restarting fat loss. Actually, I was trying to fast more often and for longer periods.

But on the first planned fasting day, February 25th, I was ravenous by 11:00. Apparently, dinner wasn’t enough either, as I wolfed down a snack of cheese and more pepperoni after dinner.

Black coffee usually works to quell the hunger pangs. On this day, though, I needed a snack within an hour. Ultimately, I decided to go with the 18/6 (fast for 18 hours, with a 6 hour eating window) plan for the week in order to break the diet plateau.

On Monday, I tried this simple fried mushroom recipe from Clara’s Great Depression Cooking. It’s an easy, cheap and delicious side dish. I’ve made it several times since.

I love grits with lots of butter and salt and I indulged a couple of days. BUT, I only ate 1/2 a serving. We’ll find out later how much effect those additional carbs may have had.

February 23-29, 2020: Daily Food Journal

Date What I Ate Photo
2/23 Eggs, bacon, muffin

T-bone steak w/ Gorgonzola butter, fried mushrooms and onions, salad

Bacon, Eggs, Muffin | Keto Bestest
2/24 Pepperoni, cheddar cheese, mayo

T-Bone steak w/ Gorgonzola butter, fried mushrooms and onions, salad

Mushrooms and Onions | Keto Bestest
2/25 Black coffee

Pepperoni and cheddar cheese

Bunless cheeseburger, salad

2 slices Swiss cheese, pepperoni

Bunless Cheeseburger | Keto Bestest
2/26 No-pasta lasagna, salad

Pork loin, salad

Cheddar cheese slices w/ mayo, pepperoni, cheesecake, chamomile tea

No Pasta Lasagna | Keto Bestest
2/27 Pistachios at 1:00 pm (and 2 and 3…), cheddar cheese

Hot wings, celery sticks, blue cheese dressing, buttered green beans

Hot Wings | Keto Bestest
2/28 Grits (1/2 serving), eggs, bacon, coffee with Splenda and cream, pistachios

Lunch at restaurant: bunless burger with Swiss, mushrooms, onions, mayo; lettuce, tomato, salad with lots of blue cheese, coffee with Splenda and cream

Pepperoni, cheese, blue cheese dip, pistachios

2/29 Eggs, bacon, 1/2 serving grits, coffee, pistachios

Cheddar cheese, pepperoni, green beans

Salmon, salad, celery, blue cheese dip, coconut cake, chamomile tea


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