Daily Food Journal | Week 16 | Cancelled Colonoscopy

Daily Food Journal | Week 16 | Cancelled Colonoscopy

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I had a colonoscopy scheduled for Friday, March 13th. Since I’d been doing intermittent fasting anyway, I figured Thursday would be a breeze.

The truth is that fasting, even for one day, is becoming a struggle. I think it’s stress-related.  I really wanted to fast on Sunday. It was a no-go that day but, yay, I managed a full day fast on Tuesday!!

An observation: I tend to eat way too many nuts. Any given day when I don’t eat nuts  I have to count as a victory.

I was supposed to fast on Thursday in advance of the next day’s colonoscopy, but I decided to cancel the appointment. The world as we knew it was changing rapidly due to COVID-19. In March 2020, there were way too many unknowns. The last place I wanted to be was in a hospital.

Unfortunately, I had started drinking the prep before I made the decision to cancel. I drank about 2 1/2 to 3 cups.

The solution started to take effect around 10:30 that night. Since I had cancelled the procedure, I ate dinner. Unsurprisingly, my stomach became pretty unsettled.

I didn’t have any carbs in the house. So, on Friday, instead of going for a colonoscopy appointment, I went to the grocery store. Bread and rice (white rice) did the trick for me.

I made this 2-ingredient chocolate cake on Saturday so, obviously, I was feeling much better. Instead of using semi-sweet chocolate, I used baker’s chocolate and added powdered erythritol to the melted chocolate.

March 8-14: Daily Food Journal

Date What I Ate Photo
3/8  No-pasta lasagna, salad, almonds, coffee No-Pasta Lasagna | Keto Bestest
3/9 Poached eggs, bacon, 1/2 serving grits, coffee, almonds

No-pasta lasagna, asparagus, walnuts

Hard boiled egg, mushrooms and onions, pico de gallo, pork loin, walnuts

Mushrooms and Onions | Keto Bestest
3/11 Cheeseburger, sliced tomatoes, broccoli, boiled egg, coffee, pepperoni, cheddar cheese

Crack chicken

Crack Chicken | Keto Bestest
3/12 I should have been fasting for the colonoscopy, but around 5:00 pm I cancelled it and decided to eat dinner.

Walnuts, pork loin, broccoli, salad, pepperoni, cheese.

Pork Loin | Keto Bestest
3/13 Walnuts, buttered rice, toast

Chuck roast, buttered rice, salad, coffee, walnuts

Chuck Roast | Keto Bestest
3/14 Pizza casserole and salad (both meals)

Coffee, walnuts, pepperoni, cheddar cheese

Flourless cake, whipped cream

Pizza Casserole | Keto Bestest


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