Daily Food Journal | Week 17 | Stay At Home and Moldy Pickle Juice

Daily Food Journal | Week 17 | Stay At Home and Moldy Pickle Juice

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The stay at home order is in effect and that’s what I’ve been doing. I stay at home – and EAT. I didn’t fast at all this week.

On Sunday, I drank some pickle juice (for the probiotic benefit) that had been in the refrigerator, I guess for some time. It may have been moldy, even though I didn’t see any mold. But my stomach didn’t care for it, so I went back to having a little white rice the next day.

I didn’t really feel like cooking this week. Thankfully, I always cook and freeze a lot, so I had a freezer full of dishes to choose from. I made an egg roll in a bowl recipe that is low carb but not really low enough to be considered keto, in my opinion.

Since the stay at home order began, I really didn’t have a sense of what it was like out in my city.  I live on a one-way street, which is pretty quiet anyway. I drove downtown on Tuesday, St. Patrick’s Day. I wanted to know if people were out and about or if it looked like a ghost town. The parade, of course, had been cancelled the week before.

I went downtown around lunchtime. Many restaurants were open for carryout only and, basically, I just saw a handful of workers going in to pick up food. Then I drove to a couple of grocery stores just to see if the parking lots were full. I never got out of the car.

I’m still eating a lot of the 2-ingredient flourless cake I made last week. Slathered with whipped cream – that’s good stuff!

March 15-21, 2020: Daily Food Journal

Date What I Ate Photo
3/15 Pickle juice (may have been moldy)

Pizza casserole, greens, cheese, nuts, coffee

Steak with Gorgonzola butter, greens, flourless cake with walnuts and whipped cream

Pizza Casserole | Keto Bestest
3/16 Walnuts, lasagna, avocado, coffee

Chuck roast, buttered rice, greens, walnuts, cheese, whipped cream

Fork Tender Chuck Roast | Keto Bestest
3/17 Walnuts, coffee

Kielbasa and cabbage with swiss cheese

Egg roll in a bowl, greens, flourless cake, walnuts, whipped cream, pepperoni, cheese

3/18 No-pasta lasagna, greens

Pepperoni, cheese

Fried thighs (2), 1 slice bread, hot sauce, cabbage, flourless cake, whipped cream, [too much] wine

No Pasta Lasagna | Keto Bestest
3/19 Chuck roast, cabbage, coffee, peanuts, cashews Chuck Roast | Keto Bestest
3/20 Bacon, cheese, walnuts, coffee

Salmon, salad, wine

Walnuts, flourless cake, whipped cream – can’t remember

3/21 Chili, salad, coffee, walnuts

Pizza casserole, salad, walnuts, avocado, peanuts


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