Daily Food Journal | Week 19 | Repeat Meals and Tiger King

Daily Food Journal | Week 19 | Repeat Meals and Tiger King

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I’m obviously eating a lot of repeat meals. As mentioned in a previous post, I do a lot of cooking and freezing. So if I cook a bunch of chicken thighs, for example, I will wrap and freeze them individually.

Likewise, I will slice and freeze individual portions of chuck roast. A day or two before I plan to eat the chicken or roast, I just throw the packet into the refrigerator to thaw. At mealtime, all I have to do is get my side dish together.

Repeat meals means repeat pictures, but I will soon begin taking photos of every meal. Sometimes I freeze entire meals.

It was pretty warm today, so I drove down to the lake. Just to get in some fresh air. I went at around 3:30. I should have gone earlier. After about an hour, a lot more cars showed up. I guess people got off work, went home and got their children and came to the lake. But it wasn’t too bad.

I also had been experiencing a little bit of a clogged ear. I was hoping it would go away on its own. Because there is no way I’m getting an appointment during the quarantine. I did my research (thank God for YouTube), determined it was ear wax and spent a couple of day with warm compresses and warm oil.

No progress. I finally had to buy an earwax removal kit from CVS. It worked like a charm.

And, yep, I binge watched Tiger King this week while I ate my repeat meals.

March 29 – April 4, 2020: Daily Food Journal​

Date What I Ate Photo
3/29 Roasted chicken thigh, green beans

Chuck roast, salad, peanuts, chamomile tea, cheddar cheese

Chicken Thighs | Keto Bestest
3/30 Chuck roast, salad

Pizza casserole, salad

3/31 Chicken thigh, green beans, macadamia nuts, coffee

Pizza casserole, salad, pecans

Pizza Casserole | Keto Bestest
4/1 Liver, rice, biscuits, gravy, coffee, mousse w/ macadamia nuts and coconut

Cheddar cheese, pepperoni, salad, pecans

4/2 Chicken thigh, green beans, biscuit, macadamia nuts, coffee, pork rinds

Pizza casserole, salad, mousse with coconut and macadamia nuts, pork rinds

Pizza Casserole | Keto Bestest
4/3 Liver, onions, rice, biscuit

Reuben skillet, salad, pork rinds, macadamia nuts

4/4 Reuben skillet, green beans, 2 biscuits, macadamia nuts, coffee

Pepperoni, cheese, mouse with coconut and pecans, pork rinds


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