Daily Food Journal | Week 2 | First Full Day of Fasting

Daily Food Journal | Week 2 | First Full Day of Fasting

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I was eager to complete my first full day of fasting and then learn whether or not it had paid off.  Turns out it’s incredibly easy to retrieve a “hidden” scale from the back of a linen closet. I kept weighing myself and nothing changed. I was torturing myself. Either get some self-discipline or put the scale in the garage.

I ate OMAD (one meal a day) for most of the week, but I had started to conclude last week that it probably wouldn’t be enough.

I hadn’t lost an ounce and I knew deep down that I would soon be incorporating extended intermittent fasting. So I did my first full day fast.

The day after the fast, I wasn’t that hungry but I resumed eating at 10 a.m. anyway.  I had paleo waffles; it’s an absolutely incredible grain-free recipe and I later realized that the carb count is still too high for me at this stage of the journey.  But I definitely intend to indulge occasionally once I reach goal!

I drank water, broth and black coffee during fast. I had horrible foot cramps in the middle of the night. I had to wait for them to subside before I could even step down from the bed (well, in my case, hammock-bed). I had some magnesium oil spray from the last time I went low carb. It had been so long since I used it that the sprayer was clogged and I couldn’t unclog it. I just poured the magnesium oil in my hand and massaged it into my soles.  I ordered another bottle the next day.

I also went to the kitchen to get the other thing that works for me when I have foot cramps, Morton Lite Salt. It contains potassium and a trace amount of magnesium carbonate. It makes all the difference in the world. I don’t really like it on my food; I think it has a somewhat bitter taste.  I just sprinkle a little in the palm of my hand and lick it off. Yeah, I know.

On fasting days, I use the magnesium spray twice (morning and before bed), and I make sure to get in at least 1/2 teaspoon of the lite salt, usually in a cup of bone broth.

I didn’t really care for the keto beef stew I had on Monday, so I won’t mention the recipe source – it is NOT a Keto Bestest!

The biscuit (Keto is Life Drop Biscuit) is from Southern Keto by Natasha Newton. I’ve tried a few keto biscuit recipes and this is, by far, my favorite. The recipe used to be on Instagram, but it seems to have been removed. You can buy the cookbook here, or follow along with this YouTube video of Natasha making the biscuits.

December 1-7, 2019: Daily Meal Diet Diary​

Date What I Ate Photo
12/1 OMAD – T-bone steak with Gorgonzola butter, steamed spinach, pico de gallo, sour cream, biscuit, butter cookie, nuts, wine.

(The one-bowl butter cookie recipe is also in Natasha Newton’s Southern Keto cookbook)

T-Bone Steak Dinner | Keto Bestest
12/2 OMAD – leftover beef stew, chuck roast, steamed spinach,  biscuit, wine, butter cookie, almonds and pecans Chuck Roast | Keto Bestest
12/3 No record
12/5 Paleo waffles, two poached eggs, bacon

(The waffles are from a grain-free recipe that was NOT AT ALL low carb. I have since retired them from my diet plan.)

Pork loin, salad with walnuts, cheese, more walnuts, cookie

Waffle Breakfast | Keto Bestest
12/6 OMAD – 2 BLT’s on basic buns, large salad, carob mousse with walnuts BLT | Keto Bestest
12/7 OMAD – Cheeseburger on basic bun with ketchup, mustard, and Aldi’s knockoff “Velveeta”), salad, creamed spinach, butter cookie, mousse, walnuts, wine



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