Daily Food Journal | Week 23 | Daily Kefir and Odd-Tasting Soup

Daily Food Journal | Week 23 | Daily Kefir and Odd-Tasting Soup

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I am back on the kefir. As mentioned in a previous post, I have been taking SAM-e for depression. It’s recommended to take on an empty stomach, but I know from experience that I must have food on my stomach.

I have also been putting apple cider vinegar in my water. And, because I am prone to foot cramps in the middle of the night, I have been eating Morton’s lite salt. The combination of ACV and straight up salt is giving me stomach problems and I know I have to refocus my gut health efforts.

I had been having a tablespoon or so of sauerkraut with meals, but it is not enough.

I bought milk kefir (probiotic) and oat bran (prebiotic).  I need drink the kefir with oat bran daily, even though I know that’s quite a few carbs. I also bought kombucha. It’s high in carbs too, but I will take smaller portions.

I used to make my own kefir, yogurt and kombucha. I don’t have the energy right now. When the kefir and kombucha are done, I plan to go back to eating sauerkraut every day.

Breakfast is occurring a little too frequently. I’d like to say I’m trying to mix it up to lose weight, but that’s not true. I’m cooking up a storm and, even though it’s low carb, I’m not fasting nearly often enough. I’m letting the carbs creep in and exercise is hit or miss (mostly miss).

And I haven’t been taking many photos.

I made tomato soup in my Vitamix. I later learned that heating with metal for too long gives tomatoes a, well, metallic, taste. That definitely happened in my case. I tried a Parmesan-Garlic bread recipe which didn’t turn out too well, so I won’t mention the source.

And I continued to eat smoked brats because I hadn’t yet realized the high carb count was as high as it is.

April 26 – May 2, 2020: Daily Food Journal

Date What I Ate Photo
4/26 Poached eggs, bacon, 1 slice toast w/ butter and simply fruit, almonds, coffee

Taco pie, pico de gallo, sour cream, avocado, dark chocolate, almonds

Bacon, Eggs, Muffin | Keto Bestest
4/27 Chuck roast, tomato soup, 2 drop biscuits

Chicken thigh, green beans, drop biscuit, dark chocolate, almonds

4/28 Chicken thigh, green beans, biscuit, walnuts, coffee

Chili, biscuit, salad, dark chocolate, walnuts

4/29 Bacon, grits, coffee

Chili, salad, almonds, dark chocolate

Pizza casserole, salad, butter cookie

4/30 Pork loin, salad, dark chocolate

Kefir, oat bran, double turkey burger w/ Swiss on Parmesan bun, salad, almonds, dark chocolate, wine

5/1 Kefir, oat bran

Brats, salad, peanuts, coffee

Chili, salad, Parmesan “rolls” w/ butter, dark chocolate, walnuts

5/2 Kefir, oat bran

Chuck roast, wedge salad, coffee, walnuts

Naked fried chicken, celery sticks w/ Gorgonzola dip, avocado

Naked Fried Chicken | Keto Bestest


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