Daily Food Journal | Week 27 | Rotisserie Chicken and a Holiday

Daily Food Journal | Week 27 | Rotisserie Chicken and a Holiday

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I tried a new rotisserie chicken recipe this week. I didn’t have any bones for the bone broth I was planning to make and I figured I could also have chicken I could use in salads.

I didn’t do anything or go anywhere for the Memorial Day holiday, but I sure did enjoy my wine this week! AND, I got in three fasting days, two of them consecutive.

I also cleaned my deck on Monday, so I got in a bit of exercise. I was getting the deck ready to paint later in the week.

I accidentally thawed two packets/portions of chuck roast, so I ate it at both meals on Monday. My holiday chuck roast meal. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to cook anything else. Good thing I like leftovers.

On Thursday, I made the rotisserie chicken in a crockpot, from a popular online recipe. Even though the recipe called for a lot of seasoning, I felt the end result was pretty bland. But I used the juice and the carcass from the rotisserie chicken as a starter for bone broth.

I let the broth cook in the slow cooker for about 24 hours since I knew that I would be fasting both Friday and Saturday. I got a later start than planned so, even though the broth was ready late Thursday afternoon, I couldn’t have any until Friday. I refrigerate until the fat rises to the surface so I can skim most of it off.

Fasting on both Friday and Saturday was not as difficult as I had expected. A huge part of that was mental preparedness. And black coffee.

May 24-30, 2020: Daily Food Journal

Date What I Ate Photo
5/24 Pork loin, salad, focaccia, almonds, coffee

Pizza casserole, salad, butter cookies, wine

Pork Loin | Keto Bestest
5/25 Chuck roast, coleslaw, almonds

Chuck roast, coleslaw, green beans, cheesecake, pecans, sauerkraut, wine

Chuck Roast Dinner | Keto Bestest
5/27 Roasted chicken thigh, coleslaw, lots of almonds, coffee, cheddar cheese slices w/ mayo roasted

Roasted chicken thigh, coleslaw, green beans, cashews

Roasted Chicken Thigh | Keto Bestest
5/28 Rotisserie chicken, green beans sauerkraut Sauerkraut | Keto Bestest


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