Daily Food Journal | Week 28 | Big Keto Breakfast After 2-Day Fast

Daily Food Journal | Week 28 | Big Keto Breakfast After 2-Day Fast

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The first day of this week starts off with a big keto breakfast and ends with a “results” photo. I have to admit – only because pictures don’t lie – that I’m pretty much back where I started. Which is okay for two reasons.

First, I lost a little of my willpower right after the stay-at-home order went into effect. I stopped intermittent fasting for a while because I was home all day and it took some time to muster up the discipline to get back into it. Second, I had to work on my gut issues and so I purposely consumed carb-heavy kefir, oat bran and kombucha for a period until things improved.

So, even with the fasting I’ve been doing, I’m definitely playing catch-up.

After fasting Friday and Saturday of last week, I was excited about having a big keto breakfast on Sunday (5/31). In short, I ate way too much food and had to lay down for a little while!

I ate pecan waffles, bacon, 2 poached eggs and a chocolate latte. It didn’t even taste that good after the first few forkfuls. And my latte was way too sweet.

All in all, that big keto breakfast was a bit of a mistake. I will need to take it easy after extended fasting, even ADF, going forward.

I didn’t plan to eat breakfast on Wednesday, but I needed to cook the rest of the waffle batter, so I ate a waffle. The batter had gotten really thick, so I added a little avocado oil, a little heavy cream and a little water. About 1/2 tablespoons each. Perfect. The taste was better as well.

And now for that photo. I’m not thrilled with my lack of progress, but here it is:


May 31 – June 6, 2020: Daily Food Journal

Date What I Ate Photo
5/31 Pecan waffles, poached eggs, bacon, chocolate latte

Cheddar cheese, pepperoni, cashews

Pork chop, avocado, mushrooms & onions, butter cookie, almonds

Pork Chop | Keto Bestest
6/1 Brats, green beans, cheddar cheese, peanuts, coffee

Pork loin, mushrooms and onions, sauerkraut, pecans

Mushrooms and Onions | Keto Bestest
6/3 Pecan waffles, bacon, coffee, pecans

Chuck roast, green beans, almonds

Turkey burger on basic bun, pork rinds, avocado, wine

Turkey Burger | Keto Bestest
6/5 Turkey burger on basic bun, salad greens, pork rinds, coffee, pistachios

Salmon, cauliflower casserole, 1/2 chicken burger patty, wine, pistachios

Cauliflower Casserole | Keto Bestest


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