Daily Food Journal | Week 31 | Decision to Take a Break

Daily Food Journal | Week 31 | Decision to Take a Break

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I have decided to take a break. Not because I have reached my goal, but because I have to focus on my mental health.

In my previous posts, I have talked about my depression, lack of energy and seeming inability to lose weight.

In the past, I know that I did well on cultured foods, but I just hadn’t had the energy to get going again. And it seems that I am easily overwhelmed these days.

One of the first things I need to focus on is my gut health. I really do believe that fixing my gut, among other things, will help my mental state. I’m starting with probiotics.

At one point in my life, I fermented vegetables regularly and I made my own kefir and kombucha.

It’s crazy, sometimes you do things that are really beneficial for your health (or finances, personal growth, whatever) and you don’t really remember why decided to take a break from doing them.

I guess if you live long enough, the list of things you “used to do” can grow pretty long. The same with the list of things I’m going to “start back doing”.

I ordered my kefir grains and I have already started making kefir. I fermented garlic, asparagus and green beans. I’m making milk kefir and adding oat bran as the prebiotic. Consuming this daily means I won’t be in ketosis.

There are other factors in my plan, which might possible include therapy, medication, fasting and a ramp up in exercise, etc. Most of the food I consume will definitely still be low carb.

Evan as I take a break, I won’t be abandoning my keto diet, just refocusing my efforts. It may take longer, but I think it’s best in the long haul. So, no more weekly posts for now, but I will keep you updated on my progress after a few weeks on my program.

Thanks, and stay tuned!

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