Daily Food Journal | Week 5 | Christmas Dinner

Daily Food Journal | Week 5 | Christmas Dinner

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I tried to make the Christmas dinner menu as keto friendly as possible.  But I know my family. Some things just weren’t going to go over well.  Like homemade cranberry sauce.  They just want the canned stuff.

I had actually done a trial run of a sugar-free cranberry sauce recipe the week before. I really liked it, but the carb count was still too high, plus I didn’t think anyone else would bother with it.

Here’s the final menu:

  • turkey
  • ham
  • candied yams
  • baked macaroni & cheese
  • cornbread dressing
  • deviled eggs
  • collared greens w/ pico de gallo
  • creamed spinach
  • salad
  • gravy, rolls
  • sweet potato pies
  • lemon pound cake
  • assorted cookies
  • pop, iced tea

It may not sound very keto-friendly, but there was more than enough on the menu for me to remain relatively low carb. I allowed myself a tablespoon of mac & cheese (although the next day I ate almost a full serving). I skipped the sweet potatoes since I was allowing myself a slice of pie. I also had a tablespoon of dressing with gravy, and a roll.

Otherwise, my plate was loaded with turkey, ham, deviled eggs, collared greens and creamed spinach. Now that’s actually pretty keto!

I passed on the other desserts and I drank iced tea sweetened with Splenda.

Leading up to Christmas, I split the cooking into three days. I had thawed and started dry brining the turkey already. Here’s the breakdown of what I prepared and when:

Monday (12/23) – two sweet potato pies, boiled eggs for deviled eggs, pico de gallo, cornbread for the dressing.

Tuesday (12/24) – turkey, greens, yams, ham, boiled livers & gizzards for dressing, salad & salad dressing (olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sea salt), iced tea, deviled eggs.  I rarely eat breakfast anymore, and I almost never have breakfast food at any other time during the day.  But I ate my favorite paleo waffles. Too many carbs, I know. But at least I had my favorite no-calorie pancake syrup with the waffles! I sampled so much food while I was cooking that I wasn’t that hungry.

Christmas Day (12/25) – dressing, gravy and rolls (neither homemade), cranberry sauce (canned), corn (steamable), added the cilantro seasoning, salt & lime juice to the pico de gallo.

Alas, things got rough the day after Christmas. I had eaten too much (go figure) and I experienced some serious stomach issues.  So I ate a roll. It had been left out on the counter overnight and was as hard as a rock.  But I ate it as-is and it worked.  I wound up eating toast with tea to further settle things.  Later, I was able to eat a full meal – complete with mac & cheese and a chocolate chip cookie. I pretty much had to write the day off as a diet loss, but that bread sure helped my stomach woes.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any Christmas dinner photos.

December 22-28, 2019: Daily Meal Diet Diary​​

Date What I Ate Photo
12/22 A little broth in afternoon but otherwise OMAD – ribeye steak, roasted radishes, salad with ranch dressing Roasted Radishes | Keto Bestest
12/23 OMAD – pork loin, salad with ranch dressing, mason jar ice cream Mason Jar Ice Cream | Keto Bestest
12/24 Paleo pecan waffles, bacon, mason jar ice cream Waffles
12/25 Christmas Dinner Feast:
Turkey, ham, deviled eggs, collared greens, creamed spinach, sweet potato pie, 1 T. mac & cheese, 1 T. cornbread dressing, 1 roll, gravy, iced tea
Creamed Spinach and Deviled Egg | Keto Bestest
12/26 1 leftover roll, 2 slices of toast with tea (stomach problems), espresso shot

Turkey, mac & cheese, salad, greens w/ pico de gallo, creamed spinach, 1 small chocolate chip cookie, iced tea

12/27 Chili, broth, greens w/ pico de gallo, cashews, ice cream w/ walnuts and coconut, iced tea Bone Broth | Keto Bestest
12/28 Chili, salad


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