Daily Food Journal | Week 6 | OMAD With Lots of Wine

Daily Food Journal | Week 6 | OMAD With Lots of Wine

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Lots of wine this week. Post holiday, it was tough to work in ADF (alternate day fasting), but I was at least able to stick with OMAD (one meal a day) most days. And lots of wine.

On the 29th, I went to a party that started at 6:30, so I knew I was in for a long eating window. Before I went, I had a meal of pork loin, salad and walnuts.  At the party, I ate meatballs with gravy, fried olives stuffed with chicken, and lots of wine (see?). When I returned home (the party was brief), I had a snack of cheddar cheese slices and walnuts.

I’ve been neglecting probiotics completely and this week I started putting a little sauerkraut with inulin powder (prebiotic) in my salad bowl. I haven’t been that consistent, though.

New Years Eve, I took a “during” photo. It looks just like the “before”.

I ate before I went to my sister’s (kielbasa, broccoli with butter, walnuts, chocolate latte, pepperoni). I brought hot wings, celery and dip. I ate some of the meatballs she had (no sauce) and salad. At midnight, we had sparkling cider. I had taken along a slice of coconut cake, but I didn’t eat it until the next day.

Good thing I like leftovers: I ate hot wings on New Years Day and again on January 3.

On January 3, I also reread Jason Fung’s The Diabetes Code and I was particularly interested in learning about the Insulin Index.

December 29, 2019 – January 4, 2020: Daily Meal Diet Diary​

Date What I Ate Photo
12/29 Pork loin, loaded salad, walnuts

Meatballs with gravy, fried olives stuffed with chicken, lots of wine

Cheddar cheese slices, walnuts

Pork Loin | Keto Bestest
12/30 OMAD – chili, salad, sauerkraut
12/31 Kielbasa, broccoli with butter, walnuts, chocolate latte, pepperoni

Hot wings, celery, Gorgonzola dip, meatballs, salad, sparkling cider

Hot Wings | Keto Bestest
1/1 OMAD – hot wings, celery, Gorgonzola dip, salad, coconut cake, coffee, walnuts, little bit of pepperoni Hot Wings | Keto Bestest
1/2 OMAD – kielbasa and cabbage, salad, avocado
1/3 OMAD – hot wings, celery with Gorgonzola dip, salad, walnuts, coffee w/ cream & Splenda, pork rinds, 3 oz. wine
1/4 OMAD – Ribeye steak, salad with flax meal, buttered cabbage, walnuts, [too much] wine Ribeye Dinner | Keto Bestest


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