Daily Food Journal | Week 7 | Getting Serious About ADF

Daily Food Journal | Week 7 | Getting Serious About ADF

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I’m starting to get serious about ADF (alternate day fasting). I managed to fast three times this week.  My fasts are usually between 40-42 hours.  I’m working towards making non-fasting days OMAD days (one meal a day).

One thing about ADF, you wind up eating a lot of leftovers.  And when you eat OMAD, you have to freeze foods a lot, since the number of meals each week is reduced. Unless, of course, you’re feeding a family. I’m a party of one. And my party ate a lot of spaghetti squash this week.

I’m also trying to incorporate flax meal into all of my salads, but it’s kind of hit or miss right now.

I used to like sardines, but maybe that’s when they’re packed in mustard rather than water.  That’s why I only ate 1/2 a tin on Tuesday. I’ll try again for the B-12 benefits.

On Saturday, I roasted a whole chicken so that I could make bone broth later.

I’ve been drinking black coffee. I really never drank coffee, literally for decades, because I [thought I] hated it. I didn’t even like the smell.  Until I had a chocolate latte a couple of years ago.  I know, that hardly qualifies as coffee, but I didn’t mind the coffee taste.  And I definitely still prefer sweetener and cream. But I have to avoid anything sweet or anything with calories on my fasting days.

I loved my chocolate lattes so much, I actually bought a latte maker. I don’t make them that often, but when I do, I can make it pretty low carb. I use Hershey’s sugar-free chocolate syrup. I only need 1/3 cup of (lactose-free) milk, which I top off with a couple of tablespoons of heavy cream.  I sweeten with either Splenda or liquid stevia glycerite extract, sometimes a combination of the two.

I don’t have a regular coffee maker; I make coffee in the latte machine with just espresso coffee. The yield is about three ounces, which I dilute with water to get three servings. It’s like a concentrate, but I manage to get it down, and the black coffee does the trick to curb my hunger when I fast – and keep me awake.

January 5-11, 2020: Daily Meal Diet Diary

Date What I Ate Photo
1/5 2 poached eggs, 1 paleo waffle, 3 strips bacon, coffee, pecans

Spaghetti squash with grass-fed ground beef, tomato sauce, Parmesan, salad, wine

Waffle Breakfast | Keto Bestest
1/6 Alternate Day Fasting ADF
1/7 1/2 tin sardines, keto clam chowder, Swiss cheese, handful of walnuts (what a gross meal)

Spaghetti squash, creamed spinach, salad with flax meal

1/8 Alternate Day Fasting ADF
1/9 Ground beef, buttered cabbage, salad with flax meal

Pepperoni chips, cheddar cheese dipped in mayo, 1/4 cup creamed spinach, walnuts

1/10 Alternate Day Fasting ADF
1/11 Spaghetti squash with meat sauce, cheese w/ mayo, walnuts, coffee

Roast chicken, salad, pecans

Spaghetti Squash | Keto Bestest


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