Daily Food Journal | Week 8 | A Lot of Blue Cheese and Bacon

Daily Food Journal | Week 8 | A Lot of Blue Cheese and Bacon

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Blue cheese got me through this week. I fasted three days, with two of those days being consecutive!  In my updates, I’ll still sometimes use the term ADF (alternate day fasting), even if it’s not alternate.

To celebrate my nephew’s birthday, we had lunch at my sister’s house on Sunday.  I loaded up on baked chicken, green beans and salad. I also ate dinner at home later.

I had plans to meet a friend for a late lunch/early dinner on Tuesday.  I was running errands all morning and had black coffee and walnuts in the car with me. I didn’t wind up eating the walnuts until I was almost at the restaurant.  I figured smelling the food would make me ravenous and I’d order – and eat up – everything on the menu. I wanted to take the edge off so that I didn’t fall off the wagon – remember, I’d been fasting since Sunday night.

We went to Cheesecake Factory and I got the Cobb Salad. Even though it had plenty of blue cheese chunks, I ordered blue cheese dressing instead of the standard vinaigrette.  In fact, I ordered extras.  Love me some keto!

That evening, I ate some of the chicken I roasted last week.

I ate three meals on Wednesday, gearing up for the next two+ day fast that I would be starting on Thursday.  I stopped eating on Wednesday at 9 p.m. and didn’t eat again until Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m.  It really wasn’t that difficult, but I was ready for breakfast on Saturday.  I was looking forward to eating the good, pastured eggs!

As you can see, I got in my fill of BLTs this week.

January 12-18, 2020: Daily Meal Diet Diary​​

Date What I Ate Photo
1/12 Baked chicken, green beans, salad

BLT on basic buns, avocado, deviled eggs, walnuts

BLT | Keto Bestest
1/14 Black coffee, walnuts

Cobb salad w/ bleu cheese dressing

Roast chicken leg and wing, walnuts, cheese w/ mayo

1/15 Coffee, 2 deviled eggs, walnuts

Collared greens, pork loin, pecans, Gruyere cheese

2 deviled eggs, bacon bits, Gruyere cheese, pecans, seltzer

Deviled Eggs | Keto Bestest
1/18 Eggs, bacon, sliced tomatoes, muffin in a minute

Pork loin, deviled eggs, creamed spinach, walnuts

BLT, salad, walnuts, wine

Bacon and Eggs | Keto Bestest


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