Daily Food Journal | Week 9 | Finally Lost Weight

Daily Food Journal | Week 9 | Finally Lost Weight

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I finally lost weight! It’s not a lot and I don’t care if it’s water weight; I could cry. I fasted two days in a row last week, Thursday and Friday (1/16 and 1/17).

I started this journey in November and I’ve made a lot of mistakes.  I was mostly eating OMAD (one meal a day), which was relatively low carb, and I still couldn’t lose.

Now, I had tried not to weigh myself, but I did, periodically. So I’m not sure exactly when these 6 lbs. (yep, 6 lbs.) left my body. I just know that during this period of several weeks, I did not see or feel a difference. That is until Saturday, January 18, after the 2+ day fast. Approximately 58 hours.

I could feel that my jeans were a little looser and I weighed myself in the morning and then had breakfast. I actually ate three meals that day, which is unusual for me.

I was supposed to fast again the following Monday, but I couldn’t hold out past 4:00 pm. The wine from the night before probably had a little something to do with that. Yes, that’s about 2 tablespoons of Dukes’s mayo in the snack picture.  I just scooped it up on my cheese slices and it really hit the spot.

I got back to fasting on Tuesday and my clothes were still a little looser on Wednesday.  I actually felt lighter and it looked like my stomach was going down a bit. I started a batch of bone broth in the morning.

I started a chuck roast in the morning, then refrigerated it for a few hours so that I could slice it easily for dinner.

You’ll notice I ate quite a bit of creamed spinach this week.  I made a lot during Christmas and had frozen it. Once it thawed, I couldn’t let it go to waste.

I said I wasn’t going to weigh myself until the end of the month, but I did. Another 2 lbs. down.

My scale is inaccurate, so I’m not sure exactly how much I weigh. I just go with the number of pounds I’m down from the last time.

And even though I may have lost weight, I’m still not taking a picture until the end of the month.

January 19-25, 2020: Daily Meal Diet Diary​

Date What I Ate Photo
1/19 Pork loin, loaded salad

Pepperoni, cheddar cheese slices with mayo, walnuts,

Pepperoni Snack | Keto Bestest
1/20 Mayo, cheddar cheese slices

Crack chicken, wine, pecans

Crack Chicken | Keto Bestest
1/22 Keto beef stroganoff, creamed spinach, sauerkraut

Crack chicken, salad

Stroganoff and Creamed Spinach | Keto Bestest
1/24 Crack chicken, loaded salad, walnuts

Chuck roast, creamed spinach, loaded salad, walnuts, wine

Fork Tender Chuck Roast | Keto Bestest


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