Best Keto Diet Foods at Aldi and Other Finds for the Low Carb Life

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Great news: Aldi has incredible selections for keto dieting. Besides typical bacon, pepperoni, and cheese and meats, you can find coconut oil, almond flour, avocado oil, nuts and heavy cream at some of the lowest prices around. While there are some national brands on the shelves, Aldi mostly stocks it’s own private label brands.

Lest you begin to think of Aldi Supermarket as just one giant generic depository, it’s not.  The private label goods are top quality with appealing packaging – and attractive pricing.

Keto Bestest will introduce Aldi products to help make your keto diet as easy as possible, from grocery basics to small appliances and lunch totes.

In case you have never shopped at Aldi, here are a few things to know:

Aldi Finds – Formerly known as  “special buys”.

In some ways, Aldi is a different store each week. Again, you’ll find pretty much the same type of groceries available in your neighborhood supermarket. And then there are the Aldi Finds, available at certain times of the year.  Depending on the week, you can buy apparel, small appliances, patio furniture, or a generator (yep, a generator). However, when they’re gone, they are gone.

Most often, these are season items. They may or may not come around again. For example, yard and deck items will be available in the spring. As far as food item Finds, you’ll notice trends that may be, for instance, two or three times a year.  Product pages on Keto Bestest attempt to list the “last known available date” to help predict when an item may return to the shelf.

Weekly circulars should arrive in your mailbox, and you can also view ads online (where you can find deals for the current week and the following week each Wednesday).

Cash Registers

Don’t freak out if you see 6 or 7 people in a line and there’s only one register open. It goes pretty fast because

  • there’s no bagging at the register; the cashiers place your items in an empty shopping cart and you bag it yourself at bagging stations, or directly into your vehicle
  • Aldi doesn’t accept personal checks (as of this writing), so there’s no holdup there
  • Aldi utilizes a two-sided barcode scanner (read more below*) for crazy fast scanning

If the lines are REALLY long, the cashier will buzz for help and they will open another line. Very rarely have I seen more than three lines open at the same time. In fact, I believe most stores only have three or four registers total.

Grocery Bags and About “That Quarter”

This is BYOB – bring your own bags. You can purchase plastic Aldi bags or a large, reusable tote.

Another alternative to use the empty “partial-boxes” or “half-boxes” you find on the shelves.

Yes, you must dish out a quarter to “rent” a shopping cart. Carts are housed under a shelter attached to the store and corralled together by a chain device that holds the quarter. When you put your quarter in, it releases the chain that was previously bound to the cart before it. Conversely, when you return your cart, pushing the chain in the slot releases your quarter. So you always get your quarter back.

In the parking lot, it’s common for arriving shoppers to offer a quarter and take over the cart of a customer who is leaving.

*This article on Wikipedia explains the Aldi food stores bar code and Checkout System:

“Aldi’s checkout procedure is highly standardised, with checkout operators…passing products through a two-sided barcode scanner. Some products have 4 or 5 separate yet identical barcodes covering several sides of the packaging to speed this procedure. Products could be scanned twice because of the prevalence of barcodes on products, so to counter this Aldi has a 1 second delay, meaning the same barcode can’t be scanned twice in under 1 second.”

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